February 12, 2019

Expedition Unknown, Discovery Channel

Ifixit, Fixer in Argentina.

Josh Gates starts a quest to find nazi treasures in Misiones and Patagonia, Argentina.

Nazi treasure. Fixer Argentina. Expedition Unknown, Discovery Channel
Josh Gates chasing nazi treasures in Argentina 

Fixer in Argentina. Josh Gates Argentina, Discovery Channel
Expedition Unknown Argentina, Production crew 

February 6, 2019

Nat Geo Explorer: Game of clones

A deep look at  horse cloning combines futuristic science with one of the top Polo players in the world: Adolfo Cambiaso.

Nat Geo Explorer. Fixer ArgentinaNat Geo Explorer. Fixer Argentina

March 15, 2013

Pope from Argentina

Due to the new Pope's election, we are covering stories for international media. Please contact us for any needs on content, logistics, equipment or crews.  www.ifixit.com.ar  carola@ifixit.com.ar 

March 2, 2011

Google Adwords

This production was committed from pre production to post to www.ifixit.com.ar for the UK. It's a Google Adwords case study about Welcome2ba, a temporary apartment rental in Buenos Aires. Publicar entrada

February 15, 2011

Dual Survival, Discovery Channel

Fixer Argentina, Discovery Channel

This show gives tips about surviving. Two survival experts are exposed to harsh nature to develop their unique techniques and show the viewers how to make it through if they ever experiment an accident.
The Argentina episode was shot in Tierra del Fuego, most southern town in Patagonia.

Dual Survival Argentina aired on April 22nd. 


The Pokerstars commercial was shot at the LAPT tournament in Rosario, Santa Fe. We shot it at the very same poker room full of intense contestants.
Thanks to Darren Goldberg for trusting in us.

Pokerstars commercial directed by Thomas Hilland. Produced by Partizan/Atlantic Pictures

February 22, 2010

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, Travel Channel

Fixer Argentina, Bizarre foodsAñadir vídeo

This job gives us the chance to meet great, smart and fun people. This was the case of Bizarre foods with Andrew Zimmern.
It is very interesting to show the city to individuals who enjoy the good life.
Also, we made two good friends, probably for ever.

January 15, 2010

Simpsons 20th Annivesary 3D- on ice!

Hollywood director Morgan Spurlock came to Argentina to shoot the Simpson's most fanatic country in the world. This crew photo was taken at the Simpson's theme carrousel.

From faith to fame (South Africa)

A documentary for the South Africa 2010 soccer world championship.
Nice meeting Crispin and Adile. Here with goalkeeper Carlos Roa.

From faith to fame (South Africa)

A documentary for the South Africa 2010 soccer world championship.
Nice meeting Crispin and Adile.

July 3, 2009

Ghost Hunters International

GHI, Province of Cordoba. Spooky and super fun. Ifixit with Barry Fitzgerald and Joe Chin.

GHI at a misterious location in the Province of Cordoba. Here, the whole team at a photo production.

May 13, 2009

American Airlines corporate video

A 10 day intense experience. American Airlines Milestones video. Visiting all the musts in Buenos Aires, Colonia and the countryside.
watch it soon in www.aa.com
Production company: Useunleaded.com
Director: Tracy Helms
Agency: TM

March 25, 2009

CNN Tony Harris in Buenos Aires and Mendoza

Journalist Tony Harris was in Argentina to learn about the destiny of the Afro Argentine decending from the slaves.
Anthropological experience combined with an intense trip to Mendoza.

February 16, 2009

In the mood for a photo tour? Ifixit/Itookthem

Follow the link to flickr to view some of our backstage photos.

Empire of the word

What a joy to work on a documentary of both interesting content and beautiful photography.
The trip to Argentina was the last after visiting 15 other countries.
The history of reading will be a two episode documentary for the Canadian TV directed by Mark Johnston.

October 1, 2008

TV commercial Hyundai Tucson Ukraine

We went on a 7 day road movie to the north of Argentina. We travelled all around Salta and Jujuy. Incredible landscape.
21 people on the road, five cars, beautiful hotels, lots of stories, full of adventure.

Production company: Pronto Film, Ukraine
Agency: Desyatka

photo: Set @ Salinas Grandes

TV Commercial NIKON/CNN

16 mm shot in San Antonio de Areco, BA. Super intense. It was such a pleasure to work with Asian top of the line crew...
Production Company: Bang Productions, Singapore
Producer: Keiko Hahigara Bang
Supervising producer: Frank Spinosa
Director: Kim Sung Soo (Korea)
Assistant: Gamsung Pil (Korea)
DP: Hiruki Izumi (Japan)
Assistant DP: Mami Morisaki (Japan)

August 15, 2008

ITV newcastle and tango

Lovely Emma McKinney brought her Dance Diaries to Buenos Aires. They followed Liliana Tolomei with her passionate group of British tango dancers into an immersion of lessons and milongas in town.
In the photo interviewing maestro Jorge Firpo & Liliana.

July 2, 2008

Corporate Video Mc. Donald's

Testimonial for Beijing Olympic games 08.
One more time we did a fun job for Frank Spinosa.

May 20, 2008

Discovery Channel/Raging Planet II

Special coverage of the eruption of Chaiten Volcano in Chile.
Production coordination of a helicopter flight over the area with HD cam.

Discovery Channel/Raging Planet II

Special coverage of the eruption of Chaiten in Chile.

March 19, 2008

Nat Geo/ Terror Bird

March, 2008.

Grrreeat time with this science splash! We shot at the Museum of Natural History in BA and then travelled to Bariloche, Patagonia- cradle of ancient dinosaurs.

Thanks to Mary Benjamin for picking me for this enreaching project.

Travels with Rudy Maxa

February, 2008.

Rudy Maxa and crew came for their two episodes in Mendoza and Buenos Aires.
we visited restaurants, art galleries, museums, tango places, best ice cream in town... in a few words: a huge sacrifice.

This photo recently became historical as the great Scannapieco ice cream store has closed its doors forever.

TLF Computer Generated Imagery

January, 2008.

Ian and Karl came to Buenos Aires to get urban images to use in CGI. We went all around with the Spheron, Laura, Georgie and hot coffee in the early mornings.
Lovely fellows from the UK. Come back whenever you feel like!!!

January 4, 2008


December,2007. Melting hot in Buenos Aires.

Ethan Zohn, Survivor winner, hosts this green travel show arround the world. This was the last episode of the first season.
Among other fun activities, we went hot air ballooning which was a nice way to see the Pampas from above.
my regards to Cindi Younker.

Equator HD

Ultra Eye! Buenos Aires

November, 2007.
A chic stylish show for HD people in the States. Design, architecture, unique food, trendy hotels, art, hip stuff going in town. We met the best references in Buenos Aires. Of course, we made some time to visit my favourite restaurants in the city: the American crew was delighted.

Ultra HD

Ericsson lifestyle photo shoot

October was a pleasant fun time in the company of the Sweden crew. We went through different locations in and out the city enjoying a yummy catering by Nazarena Lago. Marcel the photographer, was so easy going that our shooting days finished before we could even think we were tired. Many thanks to Sanna and Anya, my companions. I love ABBA. (Thank you for the music)

May 28, 2007

Anthony Bourdain in Argentina

Tony Bourdain and super crew had a great time in Argentina, producing the local episode of No Reservatios. Buenos Aires, Bariloche, El Bolson and El Calafate were the scenarios of this adventure. Great food, good music on the road, nice company and intelligent humour. Perfect time. it will be in my memory for a long time.

No Rerservations is on Discovery Travel & Living

Three Sheets in Argentina

Zane Lamprey and crew visited Argentina to taste the local drinking delicities.
Among other, we experimented the excellence of the wines of Mendoza.
Watch the Argentina episode: